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Yue: Laugh

Selectively Adding

Looking for my icons? -----> skydrops

If you are interested in adding me to your f-list, read this list:

1. I don't like drama. Please don't create it with me, as I will simply ignore you or block you.

2. Share some fandoms with me! (Bollywood, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Glee, Ouran high School Host Club, Sailor Moon, Lovely Complex, Harry Potter, dolls, Disney, traveling, writing, cooking, etc. We need some basis for a friendship!

3. Please comment when/before you add me. I will not add you if I don't know who you are. You will remain unfriended and unable to read my entries.

4. Leave a comment once in a while! I hardly expect you to comment on every single one of my entries, but it would be nice to know that you are reading what I'm writing. It lets me know that you care. :)

5. Be tolerant. Not all of my posts are always happy or fun, and people who are currently on my friend's list are on it because they are open and accepting.

Hey, I decided to ask you if you'd mine if I friended you, were on loads of the communities together. :-) We both like Harry Potter, Disney and tons of other stuff.

Of course! ^-^ <3 -adds back-

Ello~ I think you know who this is. Chibiusa has always been my favorite Sailor Moon character, and I LOVE Kamichama Karin. <3 I've added you, And I'm going to follow your rules. ^^

rising_dreamer here. May I add you on this account?

hey you :D
What you mind if I add you? Seems like you love Disney, Sanrio things and wuha, Sailor Moon :D Also Koge Donbo (read Kamichama Karin on your list), I like Pita Ten, I sadly never read KK. =/ And there is TMM (once had a TMM fansite, but it died xO). Hope that's enough for "the things in common" ;D
Jessie <3

Sure! Welcome on board to the madness! =)

I am obsessed with Chibiusa, as you will soon find out. ^o^

Oohhh, you should read KcK! It's really funny and sweet, and an anime is coming out in three days -so excited-.

Add me? 8D I don't really know how obvious or not so obvious it is as to who I am, but like


omg you seem so awesome from what i've seen of your info and your comments on airi's journal. XD Chibi-usa needs more love <3 Please add me back?

Of course! ^-^

Chibiusa can never have too much love! =D

Added! <3


Just commenting to tell I made a sad attempt tonight to clean up wicked_rating and I can't believe we never friended each other :O. I added you, add back?

Absolutely! =)

Gaaah, I've been such a bad mod! >

Hey, this is Peria! -new sn- Please add me? ♥

This is Inku from MMF. Can I add you?

Hey, it's Choco. x) Hope you don't mind me adding you.

Because I'm bored, I'm friending you. =D

Ummmm, I saw you over at avatarnations basically. =D And we pretty much have one or two fandoms in common, as well as one mutual friend. =D

Awesome. Avatar is made of win! :D

Hello. I see you are in a different Harry Potter community and I was hoping you would check out a new community I just created. If you this unwanted I can delete it right away but I do hope you check it out! Thanks. =)

Hey heard u got a b-day coming up. Happy Birthday y Feliz Cumpleanos!

Hey! I saw your application over at twilightstamps and was wondering if I could add you, because we have a lot in common, like Twilight and Disney and Audrey Hepburn, among other things (I think).

(Deleted comment)
Hello, I'm Mara co-creator of the upcoming Caspian and Susan website(www.caspianandsusan.com) to be opened over the weekend.

My main goal is to request affiliation with susancaspian, but since we already have the Facebook Group as the official FB group for CaSue listed on our main page, I thought that it would be beyond cool to have your community as the official LJ one (it's just a link from the main page, nothing more ;))

I just love the place I spend nearly all my time hanging around susancaspian, it's not even healthy haha.

I also thought it would be cool to start writing prompts over at the comm, I love to do drabbles and there are a lot of amazing writers at the comm, maybe giving them a weekly prompt or something like that would motivate them a lot.

Also I have a major Epic fic coming with another community member, shanynde, hope to see you review :)

Thanks and you can delete this post if you want, I'd really love to be friends though, If you'd have me :)

Whoa, I totally just got this post now. o__o;;;;

I'll add you! :)

Hello, can we be friends? We have a few mutual interests, and I'm always happy to meet another I Capture the Castle fan! ♥

Of course! :)

How exciting! And Midsummer's Eve is just around the corner, too! Well timed, I must say. ^-^ ♥

hi, i figured we have quite similiar likes among h!p; osuzu, miya, reina ;33 may i add you?

Hey, this is Muse, the co-mod/tag maintainer from susancaspian! I tried to send you a message but LJ said something about privacy and so I thought I would leave you a comment at your journal. The new layout is lovely! I'm just checking to see what happened to the sidebar where I had the tags and affiliates listed. Seems this style doesn't allow for them even though they're still "on." What would be the best thing for me to do? I don't know how to monkey with the code and I'd hate to mess up the layout. I'm good for anything, just let me know :)

hi I'd like to know if I take over your wicked stamping comm.I'd like to see if I can revive it

Go for it! I pretty much have no interest in it anymore, so see what you can do. :)

hello there! just wandering by & noticed you're an icon maker who likes disney!! I'm currently looking for some posters in my new disney comm, maybe think about joining and next time you make some disney icons post them! Or even post some old ones! would love to see you there!


This is Brandon/Varan from the Winx RP. :)

Haha, thanks, and thanks for replying to my query. :)

HI. :D I can't reply to your post on my HiH app, but YES, TOTALLY FRIENDING YOU. Anyone that understands my namesake is an automatic in. :D Haha now I totally wish we coulda been Yule Ball dates. 8D Oh well, if we end up Ravenclaw together at HiH (kinda think we will, lol ;P), I'LL TOTALLY SEE YOU AROUND. <3

EDIT: OMG I'm a retard; I only just now read your username. I LOVE ITTTTT. Rhapsody in Blue is one of my FAVORITE pieces everrrrr ever ever, and pink is my favorite color, rotfl makes me wish I had thought of it. >:D We are in love with each others' usernames! 8D haha

Edited at 2008-12-09 05:20 am (UTC)


Haha, if only you had come a little earlier! BUT! It appears that we will indeed be Claws together at HiH. I hope they let me back in, haha. I guess I ~could~ reapply, but I'd rather just take the lazy route and come back.

...I hope they haven't kicked me out at H_E again for not voting....I really need to get on that!

Ahaha, thanks! I used to be angelshimmering before I bought a rename token, which is why I think a lot of the old members at H_E don't recognize me/remember me. But yaay, you got the reference too! ♥ It's a double pun for me, since I love Rhapsody in Blue and I love pink and I am also a huge fan of Chibiusa/Sailor Mini Moon, so it all worked out when I discovered that this username was available. :3


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